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Low, medium, high voltage electric motors

Large electric motors

– high voltage motor
– high voltage electric motor
– medium voltage motor
– medium voltage electric motor
– cement mill motor
– medium voltage slip ring motor
– high voltage slip ring motor
– IC611 electric motor
– IC616 electric motor
– IC511 electric motor
– 6000V electric motor
– 3300V electric motor

Electric motors are the world’s leading specialized software engine design for multi-physics electrical machine simulation across a range of torques and speeds. Engine-CAD, developed in 1998, is used by major automobile manufacturers and universities around the world.

Electric motors allows design engineers to evaluate engine topologies and concepts across a range of operations and create designs that are optimized in terms of performance, efficiency and size. Four integrated Motor-CAD software modules – EMag, Therm, Lab and Mech – enable multi-physical calculations to be performed quickly and iteratively, allowing users to move from concept to final design in less time.

Electric motors

Explore more motor topologies and assess the impact of loss effects at any early stage of the design process when the cost of change is low. Electric motors
Reducing development cycles forces engine designers to make design decisions quickly and confidently that they will not face problems. Multi-physical calculations can be performed with the CAD engine in seconds: creating space in the design process for engine designers to explore more motor topologies and fully assess the impact of advanced losses at an early stage when design choices are still open and change costs are low . Electric motors

Simplified and simplified design process.

Complex simulation of multiphysics in the early stages of the design process prevents costly errors, and therefore many large OEMs and Level 1 use motor-CAD even if they already have existing software solutions. Intuitive template-based software setup and built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical knowledge of CAD-CAD software simplify the design process and eliminate the need for extensive multi-physical experience.

Electric motors

Unrivaled customer support
Motor-CAD has been designed and developed by engine design engineers and is since 1999. We are known for our highly responsive and knowledgeable customer support. Our team of engine design experts and software developers are ready to answer your technical questions and support your de Electric motors velopment requirements.
– high voltage motor
– medium voltage motor
– high voltage slip ring motor