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VYBO Electric a.s.- Manufacturing and solutions of industrial drives

One of the biggest warehouses of industrial large electric motors.

Please send a fast enquiry for our e-mail adress: potocka@vyboelectric.eu

Fast online contact: +421 944 105 361 (urgent inquires)

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VYBO Electric a.s.
Headquaters and production plant 01
Radlinského 18
052 01, Spišská Nová Ves
Slovak republic
Online contact : 00421 944 105 361 (international sales manager)
E-mail: potocka@vyboelectric.eu


Sales and technical department – Czech Industries
Tovačovská 1017/4
750 02 Přerov
Czech republic

iso certifikát elektromotory
(VYBO Electric company is a proud holder of the highest certification available)

Delivery within 24 hours. Every product is always on stock.

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All variable frequency drives always on stock.

Sales manager: +421 948 411 175