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Low voltage VFD

variable frequency drives a550

Variable frequency drives A550

Power range: 0,4kW-37kW
Voltage: 230V-400V
Standard and industrial applications.

variable frequency drives v800

Variable frequency drives V800

Power range: 0,4kW-500kW
Voltage: 230V, 400V
Heavy-duty VFD with vector control. Suitable for all applications and heavy duty industry.

variable frequency drives v810

Variable frequency drives V810

Power range: 0,4kW-3000kW
Voltage: 400V, 690V, 1140V
Extremely resistant high tech professional VFD for all types of industries. Standard, dynamical and process applications. Lots of integrated features.

variable frequency drives x550

Variable frequency drives X550 IP65

Power range: 0,4kW-37kW
Voltage: 230V,400V
Extremely high anti dust and anti water protection IP65. Robust frame, extreme strength. Suitable for direct operations.

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