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Variable frequency drives EX STOCK

Czechoslovakian tradition in variable frequency drives – VYBO Electric The first class European manufacturer and suplier of variable frequency drives 22kW-2000kW

Variable frequency drives stock

Variable frequency drives ex stock with fast delivery 400V, 690V, 3300V, 6000V, 11000V Specialists – large industrial drives for coal power stations, cement industry, oil industry and mining.

Delivery in just 3 days within Europe

Fast international shipping all around the world. We can deliver within whole Europe in just 3 days. All VFD´s available on stock.

Variable frequency drives VYBO Electric a.s.

The largest stock of variable frequency drives in Central Europe. VYBO Electric a.s. is a business-manufacturing company engaged in the supply & production of frequency converters for industry and common use. More than 1000 frequency inverters available on stock.
frequency invertor a550h

Variable frequency drives EX STOCK up to 630kW (400V,500V,690V)

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Fast contact: 00421 915 276 813
frequency invertor V800
variable frequency drive a550

Variable frequency drives A550

Power range: 0,4kW-37kW
Voltage: 230V-400V
Standard and industrial applications.

VFD Inverters V800 series

Variable frequency drives V800

Power range: 0,4kW-500kW
Voltage: 230V, 400V
Heavy-duty VFD with vector control. Suitable for all applications and heavy duty industry.

variable frequency drive v810

Variable frequency drives V810

Power range: 0,4kW-3000kW
Voltage: 400V, 690V, 1140V
Extremely resistant high tech professional VFD for all types of industries. Standard, dynamical and process applications. Lots of integrated features.

variable frequency drive x550 ip65

Variable frequency drives X550 IP65

Power range: 0,4kW-37kW
Voltage: 230V,400V
Extremely high anti dust and anti water protection IP65. Robust frame, extreme strength. Suitable for direct operations.

variable frequency drive mv1000

Variable frequency drives MV6000

Power range: 220kW-8 000 kW
Voltage: 3kV, 3.3kV, 4.16kV, 6kV, 10kV, 11kV
MV6000 Series Medium Voltage Vector Inverter. MV6000 series VFD is the lasted version medium voltage VFD, these products use the latest technology, widely used in heavy industries worldwide.

softstarter kinesoft

Low voltage softstarters KineSoft

Power range: 30kW-3000kW
Voltage: 400V, 690V, 1140V
Heavy industry low voltage soft starter for wide range of industries. Used all over the world.

medium voltage softstarter

Medium voltage Softstarters KineSoft MV

Power range: 620kW-22000kW
Voltage: 3kV, 3.3kV, 4.16kV, 6kV, 10kV, 11kV
Intelligent device with high performance, versatility and high security that is designed and developed using DSP technology and modern advanced control theory.

frequency invertotrs accessories


Input chokes, output chokes, cards, disconnectors, expansion modules, EMC filters, input filters, suppression toroids, braking resistors. VFD’s are complex, powerful devices. The electronics industry is enormously diverse and each manufacturing plant is different. Therefore, these devices need a variety of accessories depending on the place of use.

VYBO Electric – fast partner on your side

In VYBO Electric, you will always find a fast and professional partner who will be happy to advise you and answer your questions when looking for the optimal solution when choosing a frequency inverter. The upmost priority for us is customer satisfaction. We consider ourselves a successful industrial ally and consultant. Many customers around the world appreciate the high quality of our frequency inverters as well as fast and flexible services.

Contact us by phone +421 915 276 813 or email vyboelectric@vyboelectric.eu

We care about our frequency drives, we care about your business

If the VFD is part of the product you are selling or is included in your production process, the priority is its trouble-free and reliable operation. The broad range of our services has been designed to meet all your expectations for each application.

The support starts with the first meeting with VYBO Electric, later on during installation, commissioning, maintenance until the last replacement and recycling of the drive. Technical advice is the matter of course with us. You can contact us with your questions 24 hours a day.

Installation and putting them into work

We provide technical assistance before and during installation. VFD can be adapted to the exact requirements that result from specific applications.


Prolonged warranty

We offer the possibility of a three or five-year warranty, which aims to eliminate the risks associated with drive failures and to solve potential failures in the shortest possible time. Services are priced at fixed rates and are subject to standard terms.


Technical support

The contract guarantees fixed prices for all services. It is tailored to your most demanding needs.

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