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Medium voltage Softstarters KineSoft MV

softstarters vybo electric
Medium voltage Softstarters KineSoft MV
- Power supply: Three-phase AC 3kV, AC 6kV, AC 10kV, (-15%-10%)
- Control power supply: AC 220V (+10%, -15%), 50Hz
- Applicable motor: Medium voltage three-phase asynchronous motor, synchronous motor
- Starting Freguency: 10 times/hour
- Cooling method: Natural cooling
- Protection class: IP20 (it can be customized according to user´s requirements
- Altitude: No more than 2000 meters. if it exceeds, it will be required derating
- Ambient temperature: -25°C +40°C
- Relative temperature: 95% non-condensing
- Other conditions: No corrosive gas, no conductive dust, no violent (less than 0.5G), well ventilated

– Adopt modular structurem modular installation and easy maintenance.
– Adopt 32-bit digital signal processor and high-performance programmable controller PLC, real-time and high-efficiency, high reliability and good stability for device control
– With voltage ramp, kick + voltage ramp, current limit, voltage ramp + current limit, inching and other starting methods, it can set the starting time interval
– Choose free parking or soft parking according to load conditions
– Strong anti-interference ability, complete isolation of high voltage and control parts, safe and reliable operation of the device
– Measurement function: three-phase current measurement, voltage measurement, zero-sequence current
– Lightning overvoltage protection, operation overvoltage protection, multiple static and dynamic pressure equalization
processes, multiple overvoltage absorption protection technology
– Protection functions: phase loss, overe-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, under-load, over-temperature, current imbalance, thyristor fault detection, zero-sequence protection and other perfect protection function
– Display function: large screen touches man-machine interface screen, easy operation, more humane
– Communications function: Isolated Rs485 communication, MODBUS RTU protocol. The upper computer can be used for
centralized control.

softstarters vybo electric

softstarters vybo electric

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